Microwave Skim Series 

Built for Smaller Riders to learn and master the surf

Built 100% with younger/smaller riders in mind, the Microwave is the perfect board to not only build the rider’s confidence and get them comfortable wakesurfing, but it also gives them everything they need to progress their surfing. Featuring a traditional skim style shape with some added width in the tail, the Microwave generates plenty of speed and forward drive making it easy for the rider to stay on the wave. Our color-coded pad simplifies learning – shift your body forward over the green front pad to go faster and bring it back over the red tail pad to slow down.

Microwave 45"   
Length 114.3cm / 45"   
Width 47cm / 18.5"   
Volume 8.37 Liters   
Wt.Range 120lbs max   
Construction Hand Laid Epoxy

Microwave 45

Microwave 45" (kids board)

RRP: £460

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